• Weight Loss

    Losing weight is probably the single greatest thing you can do to improve your overall health. Our medical weight loss program has been very successful in many people who are ready to make healthy changes.
    Weight loss requires diet changes and exercise and we will help you make these changes. For those of you who need additional assistance with making successful change we will evaluate to see if you are a safe candidate for supplements or prescription medication to aid in […]

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  • Urgent Care

    We want to make it as easy as possible to keep you well.

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  • Preventive Health Screenings

    The best way to treat illness is to prevent it entirely.

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  • Geriatric Medicine

    We understand the struggles that come with aging and offer compassion and respect to our prized patients.

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  • Pediatric Medicine

    Seeing a Family Medicine Physician for your pediatric needs is never “out growing” your doctor.

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Geriatrics and Nursing Home Care

Our doctors spend a great deal of time caring for elderly patients. They understand how important polypharmacy (too many medicines), fall prevention, home safety, memory and many other issues are in the care of this age group. They are aware of medical recommendations that differ for older patients and keep this in mind when caring for the elderly. Our doctors are on staff at the Social Circle Nursing and Rehab Center, Park Place Nursing and Rehab, and see patients at Southern Plantation Senior Living, Great Oaks Assisted Living, Summer’s Landing, and The Mews.  Our doctors do home visits for our patients that cannot safely make it to our clinic.