What We Offer

Our Services

Our patients enjoy in-office procedures, same day sick services, and programs that are specific to their needs and concerns.


It is important to get ahead of infectious diseases. Contact our office to learn about available vaccines.

  • check-mark-1Available for Adults and Children
  • check-mark-1Quick and Easy Well-Visits
  • check-mark-1Protect Your Loved-Ones
  • check-mark-1Prevent Health Concerns
Laboratory Services

With respect to your time and convenience, Our Family Health Center offers on-site laboratory services.

  • check-mark-1Cholesterol
  • check-mark-1Hemoglobin
  • check-mark-1A1c/Blood Glucose
  • check-mark-1STD testing
  • check-mark-1Urinalysis
  • check-mark-1COVID-19 & More
Same Day Sick

We want you to use us as your ER, so call us before calling the hospital.

  • check-mark-1Injuries
  • check-mark-1Illnesses
  • check-mark-1Fevers
  • check-mark-1Stitches
  • check-mark-1UTIs
  • check-mark-1Sprains & More
Chronic Disease Management

Let us help you create a treatment plan that works with your busy life schedule.

  • check-mark-1Alzheimer/Dementia
  • check-mark-1Allergy Testing
  • check-mark-1Arthritis
  • check-mark-1Asthma
  • check-mark-1Auto-Immune Conditions
  • check-mark-1Diabetes
  • check-mark-1Hypertension
  • check-mark-1Mood Disorders
  • check-mark-1Vitamin Deficiencies & More
Pediatric Medicine

For children, having a Family Practice Doctor means never outgrowing your doctor.

  • check-mark-1ADD/ADHD
  • check-mark-1Immunizations
  • check-mark-1Same-Day Appointments
  • check-mark-1Sports Physicals
  • check-mark-1Well-Child Visits
Preventative Health Screenings

Health screenings are necessary to make lifestyle adjustments to keep you healthy. We offer many screenings. Call our office to ask about additional screenings.

  • check-mark-1High Blood Pressure
  • check-mark-1Obesity
  • check-mark-1Diabetes
  • check-mark-1High Cholesterol
  • check-mark-1Heart Disease
  • check-mark-1Cancer & More
Medical Massage

We believe in providing you with convenient options for your healthcare. Ask about how our medical massage program can complement your health care plan.

  • check-mark-1Aids in Digestion
  • check-mark-1Assists in Decreasing Inflammation, Pain, and Anxiety
  • check-mark-1Calms and Soothes The Nervous System
  • check-mark-1Deactivates Myofascial Trigger Points
  • check-mark-1Improves Posture and Coordination
  • check-mark-1Improves Flexibility and Range of Motion
  • check-mark-1TMJ and Migraine Relief Options
In-Office Procedures

Many procedures and screenings are done within the office for your convenience. Call to ask about our options.

  • check-mark-1Laceration Repair
  • check-mark-1Mole/Cyst/Wart Removal
  • check-mark-1Echocardiogram
  • check-mark-1Hearing Tests
  • check-mark-1Holter Monitors
  • check-mark-1EKGs
  • check-mark-1Sleep Studies
  • check-mark-1Spirometry
  • check-mark-1Ultrasounds
Women's Health

Providing women with the convenience of extended healthcare options is important to our practice. Call to schedule an appointment.

  • check-mark-1IUD Removal
  • check-mark-1Pap Smears
  • check-mark-1Puberty
  • check-mark-1Mammograms
  • check-mark-1Menopause
Geriatric Medicine

People over the age of 65 enjoy working with our Geriatric Medicine Program because we understand the complex changes associated with aging.

  • check-mark-1Care Plans/Chronic Care Management (CCM)
  • check-mark-1House Calls Available
  • check-mark-1Immunizations
  • check-mark-1Medication Management
  • check-mark-1Palliative Care
  • check-mark-1Screenings