Weight Loss

Losing weight is probably the single greatest thing you can do to improve your overall health. Our medical weight loss program has been very successful in many people who are ready to make healthy changes.
Weight loss requires diet changes and exercise and we will help you make these changes. For those of you who need additional assistance with making successful changes, we will evaluate to see if you are a safe candidate for supplements or prescription medication to aid in your weight loss.
We will have certain expectations of you during this weight loss program. In order for you to be successful, it is essential that you meet these expectations.

Our medical weight loss program has been very successful for people who are ready to make healthy changes. Are you ready?

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What to Expect From The Our Family Health Center Weightloss Program

Doctor Visits

On your first visit, we will do a thorough medical workup to assure there are no medical conditions preventing you from losing weight that may need treated, like thyroid disease or sleep apnea. When appropriate will do a cardiac exam and ECG to assure it is safe for you to exercise. Monthly visits with the physician after this will allow us to check your weight, discuss if you are meeting the goals for your lifestyle change, check your blood pressure and do a focused physical exam to assure you are having no adverse effects if you are receiving weight loss medications. Prescriptions will not be refilled without a visit to the doctor.

Meetings With Your Nutritionist

You will be expected to have two meetings with our nutritionist. The first meeting will be to set a customized plan for diet changes. This visit will be 1 to 2 weeks after starting the program. At that time our nutritionist will work review your food journal and discuss your life and habits to customize a food plan that you can stick to.

The second meeting with the nutritionist will be one month after the first visit. In that meeting, you will review your diet changes and you will establish a customized exercise plan.

Example Visit Schedule

Day 1: Start The Program With Screenings
Day 7: Meet With the Nutritionist
Day 30: Follow-Up Physician Visit
Day 45: Nutritionist Meeting
Day 60: Physician Visit

After this, you will meet monthly with the physician and you can meet with the nutritionist as you desire to or at any time that you are not meeting your weight loss goals.

Research has shown that the number one thing that leads to success in weight loss is accountability. You must come in frequently to weigh and develop a plan in order to make necessary lasting lifestyle changes.

If you have psychological barriers to weight loss we may include a psychologist/counselor in your care. This allows you to evaluate why you eat and develop alternatives to eating out of stress, boredom, or other emotions.


We understand that weight loss is a multi-million dollar industry. Our goal is to keep this very affordable so that nothing can get in the way of you improving your health. When we can, we will bill your insurance for your visits. If you have medical issues caused by being overweight insurance may pay for your visit. If you are uninsured or insurance will not pay for your visit the charge is $80 for a physician visit and $45 for a nutrition visit if you are an established patient in our clinic. If you are a new patient to the practice your first visit with the physician will be $140 and your next visits will be $80.

We are confident that we can help you improve your overall health, your sleep, energy level, self-image, and overall wellness. If you are ready to make changes, we are here to help you succeed. The process of change is difficult but with the right resources, it is very possible. This is likely the most important thing you will do for your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our weight loss program is open to anyone at any stage or age in life looking to lose weight. Whatever your reason, we tailor the program to each individuals’ specific needs. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach – it is individualized based on the person’s goal.

You will initially come once every two weeks, until we decide that one visit per month is sufficient and that weight loss can be maintained with less accountability. Each person is different and moves at different paces.

We discuss a few medication options with a provider during your initial visit.

Kylie Parr

Kylie Parr is a Health Coach and alumni of Georgia Tech.