Body Composition Scan in Monroe, Georgia

Greater Health Insights from DEXA Body Composition Scans

Body Composition scans provide unparalleled insights into what is happening within the human body. This advanced x-ray technology can provide you with a clear picture of your overall bodily muscle, fat, and bone composition. Using these DEXA, or Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry scans, we help the people of Monroe, Georgia to craft targeted interventions to improve overall well-being and reach identified goals.

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Benefits of Body Composition Scans

The clarity and precision delivered by Body Composition scans is unrivaled. This simple non-invasive test provides you with a visualization that shows you how the muscle, fat and bone are arranged in your body so that you can refine your diet and workouts to align with your goals. They allow you to see where visceral fat is located within the body, which is critical as you work to manage disease prevention. When scheduled every few months, this technology enables you to see progress against your goals, whether that is increasing muscle mass, strengthening bones, or reducing body fat. Body Composition scans provide a much more detailed and accurate update on the composition of your body and therefore on progress as you work to make improvements. Scan benefits include:

Understand exactly how many calories you burn so that you can align intake to goals

  • Receive precise visceral fat measurement to assess cardio-metabolic risk
  • Obtain bone density T or Z scores, dependent upon age
  • Quick access to information that can inform your lifestyle goals and impact your health

Body Composition Scan Results

Every Body Composition scan generates a detailed report that your medical team member will review with you to make sure you understand the results. In addition to a copy of the scan itself that provides detailed measurements, you will also receive a summary report with clear recommendations for building lean muscle mass and reducing visceral fat.

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What to Expect: Body Composition Scan

Preparation: Avoid clothing with metal as you will need to remove it during the scan. You will also be asked to remove metal jewelry along with your shoes before the scan. If you are wearing tight fitting clothing, we may ask you to change into a gown/robe to get the most accurate information. Otherwise, you can wear your regular clothing. Women who have a menstrual cycle will be asked to take a pregnancy test prior to the scan. We will not perform this scan on pregnant women to avoid the risk of exposing the fetus to radiation.

During the scan: An X-Ray technician will perform the scan and it will take approximately 15 minutes. The scan will take place on a flat table and the technician will be in the room during the scan

After the scan: The technician will provide you with a summary report. This report will provide you with basic information regarding your lean mass, fat mass, bone density, and fat distribution. If you would like additional information to better understand your results or how to apply this information for appropriate lifestyle changes, we suggest that you schedule a follow-up appointment with a medical provider to discuss the results in depth. The medical provider appointment is eligible for insurance coverage.

Body Composition Scan Pricing

We offer scan packages that allow you to periodically re-evaluate to determine the impact of the lifestyle and fitness changes you are implementing. Service includes:

  • Complete Body Composition Scan
  • Detailed Body Composition Report
  • Consultation and Analysis
One Scan $99
Two Scans $139
Three Scans $179
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Frequently Asked Questions Body Composition Scan

What is a Body Composition scan?

A Body Composition scan is a medical imaging technique that uses dual-energy X-ray absorption (DXA) to measure fat, muscle, bone, and water within a body. These scans produce highly accurate measurements of the body and allow individuals and medical professionals to deliver targeted recommendations to improve overall health.

How is a Body Composition scan done?

Body Composition scans are done similarly to other x-rays or imaging techniques. Patients will lay on a table with the device passes over their body emitting low-energy x-rays that create an image of the body. They are non-invasive and painless.

What does a Body Composition scan show?

Body Composition scans show the density of various areas of the body. By reviewing this data, medical professionals can determine the areas of lean muscle mass and fat mass within a body along with bone density. This data can then be used as a monitoring element for individuals trying to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

How long does a Body Composition scan take?

Body Composition scans usually take 15-20 minutes.

Is a Body Composition scan covered by insurance?

This is a cash, self-pay service. DEXA bone density scans, which only provide an assessment of bone density, may be ordered by your medical provider and they are eligible for insurance coverage.