Understanding Neurology
14 Aug 2023

Understanding Neurology

Our August and September Between Two White Coats podcast episodes will feature a guest, Dr. Juan Lacayo, who is a neurologist in Monroe, GA. Neurology is crucial in understanding how our brains and nervous systems function. The first episode in our neurology podcast series explains what neurology is and how it affects our lives.  

Unraveling Neurology

Neurology, at its core, deals with the intricate workings of our nervous system. This system comprises our brain, spinal cord, and the myriad nerves that transmit messages throughout our body. Essentially, the network that enables us to think, feel, move, and react. Dr. Lacayo describes neurology as a puzzle-solving endeavor, aiming to understand how this complex system functions and how it can go awry. Some of the conditions that neurologists help to treat include headaches, dementia, and nerve-related concerns like numbness or tingling sensations.

Thorough Evaluation by Skilled Neurologists: What to Expect

Our medical center in Monroe, GA refers many patients to Dr. Lacayo’s practice. Patients can expect a thorough medical evaluation when they meet with a neurologist. During a visit, the neurologist will want to understand and discuss your symptoms, their onset, triggers, and previous attempts at relief. Diagnostic tools like CT scans or MRI scans may be ordered for brain-related concerns to provide detailed images of the brain’s structure. An electroencephalogram (EEG) might be ordered to assess brain function, involving sensors on the scalp to monitor brain waves. There are neurologists that specialize in certain conditions, so it is helpful to understand a neurologist’s area of specialty before meeting with them.

Neurology vs. Psychiatry

It’s important to understand the distinction between neurology and psychiatry, which are two fields that can overlap. Neurologists focus on structural and functional issues within the nervous system, while psychiatrists address mental health concerns such as anxiety or depression. Neuropsychiatrists bridge the gap, dealing with conditions where neurological and psychiatric factors intertwine.

Emerging Treatments

Dr. Lacayo highlights the promising advancements in neurology, particularly in the treatment of conditions like migraines and Parkinson’s disease. He applauds the development of targeted migraine treatment options, including medications and the continuous expansion of treatments for Parkinson’s Disease, which now has around 30 different medicines.

The Essence of Prevention

Many people want to understand how to prevent neurological conditions, including dementia. Prevention, the cornerstone of good health, applies to neurology too. Eating well and exercising are key for maintaining brain health and countering issues like dementia and memory problems. Dr. Lacayo stresses these practices’ importance for physical and mental well-being. Consider subscribing to our newsletter, The Wellness Round-Up, to receive the latest news, events, and preventative tips, along with Dr. Plaster’s resource, “Five Tips to Better Health.”

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